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Birthdate:Apr 29
Location:Kyoto, Japan
Chi son? Sono un poeta.
Che cosa faccio? Scrivo.
E come vivo? Vivo!

Quick answer, I'm a nerd. Or dork, but mainly nerd; I've got the glasses and everything to prove it! Long answer, I'm an American expat nerd living in Japan who is something of a complete and utter hermit. And I sing. And am a screaming Jay Chou fangirl.

I also write, which is why this journal exists. For fun, I write fanfic (mostly of the genfic variety, but the occasional hints of yaoi or het show up for flavor), specifically FF7 but I do branch out from time to time, and try to play video games. Emphasis on the try, because god, I suck and how. But I'm working on it. ALL of my friends are gamers, and so it was inevitable that I would eventually start gaming. If only I didn't, well...SUCK HARDCORE at it.

Proud Member of the Overthinkers' Club. *waves banner*

On Warnings and Ratings: As of 2/8/09, I don't do warnings anymore. I think they're borderline spoiler and that you wouldn't expect a published work to warn you of things that might make you feel ungood. Instead, I'm using a general rating system.

G - General fic. Prolly fluffy and harmless.
PG - Prolly some bad words, mild themes/violence
R - Heavier themes, prolly a lot of bad words.
M - Mature themes, be it sex, violence, abuse, death, or some nebulous 'other.'

I also make use of DW's Age Restrictions. I don't have a lot of NSFW fic, but there is some.
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